Maison Wedding

We want the weddings held in the Kúria to provide the young couple and their guests a truly magical experience. Style and elegance ... Kúria Villány

Wedding magic in the wine region


Reception on the terrace

The Kúria's building and the beautiful garden are a truly intimate venue to welcome guests. On the first terrace we hold a reception with champagne/sparkling wine and some snacks, where the guests can properly adjust to the event after arrival.


Ceremony among the vineyards ...

In the backyard of the Kúria, the Villány vineyards serve the magical setting for the ceremony. The garden is perfectly suited for the venue of the wedding ceremony, and the guests can comfortably observe the great moment on the cosy wooden terraces.


Exclusive dinner and wedding parties in the event cellar ...

The exclusive tasting cellar under the building is a perfect venue to have a festive dinner with the atmosphere of a real wine region. By seating the guests around the old and large family table, the celebrating company can be held together perfectly.

The dinner is compiled by the Kúria’s chefs from regional and seasonal ingredients and is served in the following way:

Cold starter with plate service, the soup and main dish are served in bowls. The desserts chosen previously are placed on a spectacular dessert table. The wedding cake is traditionally presented and sliced by the couple. Our colleagues give a hand at the serving. The midnight menu is served in a buffet style. (Menu selections attached)

Live music or a DJ (preferred) or the combination of the two can be chosen. During the ceremony and the dinner some  acoustic music is provided, following this the DJ arrives.


Professional organization of wedding parties

Decoration, flowers, photographer, video, ceremony master, wedding dress, wedding cake and many more questions which will be cordially answered by our professional wedding organizers.

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