The complex is pervaded by the authentic traditionalist style.

Tools used for vine-culture and winemaking can see in the Wine museum of the building. It is located in the wine cellar which formed in the second half of the 1800 centuries. The Wine museum is great place for your wine too. Our wine safe deposit service is available for anybody, ensure ideal and unusual place for your favourite wine. What would be the best place for the goods of wine region of Villány like an own wine safe deposit in the wine museum of the region.

The wine restaurant consists of two parallel cellars. Welcome the guests in the main cellar. The wine safe deposit, taster room and a wine exhibition can be found in the side cellar. We present viticulture, grape processing and winemaking tools from the past.

About history

Vilmos Schuth is a royal and imperial purveyor to the court, wine distributor and grape holder who discovered the world-famous wine of Villány in the XIX. Century.

Vilmos Schuth was born in 1844 in Rauenthal (Hessen, Germany) where the family produced Schuth wine since 1701 across several generations. In 1866 he arrived to Villány with the recommendation of Prince of Passau where worked as a cellarer in the first years. He started to build the Schuth cellars from the year of 1870. The first has been built at Deák Ferenc street 24 which is nearly 250 meter long. The second cellar has been made at Deák Ferenc street 16 which is the base of our restaurant. Its length is nearly 150-200 meter. In front of the cellars had beautiful villas built. He got the title of „Austrian imperial and Hungarian royal court conveyor” with his brother Vince in 1895. That time this name was the highest award in the great Hungary.

According to the request of the minister he represented Villány as the member of the committee of wine rating in 1896 at the anniversary of Hungary. He takes part in every major wine competition with his wines from Europe to Australia. His wine won lots of prestigious awards. Thanks to it he made his wine famous and he brought the name of Villány to Europe. He regularly delivered to Vilmos German Emperor to Berlin. He patented his own wine under the name of „Pearl Villány” in Europe. He had forty cellar workers, three secretaries, two coopers and two drivers who delivered the wine-casks and the bottles to Villány. Wrapped the bottles in silk paper rounded by sennit put into wood cases and transported to Villány. He analyzed the stability of wine- casks. The Hungarian naval flotilla shipped the casks filled with wine to India then shipped back after 6 months later. Afterward summarized the stability.

Several  award and medal about wine exhibitions: 1882 Bordeaux and Triest, 1885 Budapest, 1888 Brusselles, 1888 Melbourne, 1889 Paris, 1889 Köln, 1893 London, 1891 Timisoara, 1894 Wien, 1900 Bordeaux, 1900 Paris.

The Hungarian commerce minister (Lajos Lang) sent his medal and a degree to his address (Villány) on 29th of December in 1902 which he won at the world exhibition of Paris. It is also describes well his modesty.

He usually took part on advanced oenologist studies in Klosterneuburg where the participation was appreciated. He got the degree of chamber of Pécs and was also the member of Villány college.

Summarized Vilmos Schuth made the wine of Villány world-wide famous at the end of XIX. Century and the early XX. Century.

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